Sunday, 16 December 2012

OOTN | Faux Fur + Leather

Hellooo! :)

I'm back home from university for Christmas! However, it's not all fun and games because unfortunately I have four pieces of work due when I get back. Yes, four! Fun(!) -___-

Anyhoo, we went to a family Christmas party last night and this is what I wore. It was so nice to see old family friends again and to have a chance to let my hair down.
The leather trousers are a new purchase, I got them for half price as H&M gave me a 50% off code for one item. I bought the fur coat around this time last year. I love how it complements the colour of my blouse. And it's so warm!

 Faux fur coat - H&M
Blouse - ASOS
Faux leather trouser - H&M
Boots - Dorothy Perkins


  1. Omg 4 pieces of work?!? That is crazy lol
    I loveee the fur coat! x

  2. You look great!!


  3. Gorgeous fur & I love the pop of orange!
    Would love you to check out my latest post :)
    Wishing you a wonderful week Hun xoxo

  4. Girl you better rock that fur coat! and those leggings girl I want lol


  5. Loving your faux fur!!

  6. love this look and the orange looks amazing on you x

  7. I love the mixture of the faux fur coat and the faux leather pants!!


  8. if i lived in a cold climate i'd be all over that coat :) it's fierce.

  9. The coat looks so vintage! Beautiful!

  10. Way to go girl! That outfit is so fabulous! I really like the combination of the brown faux fur and the orange shirt! That's something most gals wouldn't think of being a great combination. Great job! Oh, and I love your hair too!

    Joel Salmon

  11. great look,i love it!!

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