Tuesday 26 February 2013

Random International: Rain Room Exhibition

'An awful lot happens without people being aware. They come to certain conclusions and even perform actions without ever really, consciously considering why. This is what forms both the impetus and the investigation of the studio's work. We experiment with this world of barely perceptible behaviour and its simulation to explore human existence.'
-Random International 2012

On Sunday, my sister and I went to the (free) Rain Room exhibition at Barbican Centre in London. It was truly an amazing experience. Rain falls from everywhere in the room except the spot you are standing at.  It's very different from just being outside with an umbrella when it's raining, because it makes you feel like you're able to control the rain. You don't need an umbrella or hood or newspaper to stop getting wet, you just need to be there.
For people who arrived early they were treated to a performance by dancers and models in the room. Unfortunately, I didn't get to see them, but they had really soothing music playing in the background which gave a really calming atmosphere.

These are the last days of the exhibition (it ends on Sunday 3rd March) so if you're in London I strongly suggest you get your butt down there! However, I will warn you that the waiting time is LONG! I'm talking 6 hours and more, especially because it's almost finished. If you do go, I recommend that you get there at least 2 hours before opening.

'In Rain Room, Random International invites you to experience what it's like to control the rain and put your trust in the work to the test.'

Open daily 11am - 8pm; Thursday until 10pm

^ That's me :)

Friday 22 February 2013

Recipe: Toffee Brownies


I've made these brownies in the past and I liked them so much I ended up finishing the rest of the batch myself, whoops! So, I've decided to make them again (however I cannot guarantee the same thing won't happen again :P)

350g/12oz dark chocolate, broken into pieces
250g/9oz butter
3 large eggs
250g/9oz dark muscovado sugar
85g/3oz plain flour
1 tsp baking powder
  1. Preheat the oven to 160 degrees/Gas mark 3/Fan oven 140 degrees. Butter and line  a 23cm/9in square cake tin.
  2. Melt the chocolate and butter, then stir well and cool.
  3. Whisk the eggs until pale, then whisk the sugar until thick and glossy and well combined. Gently fold in the chocolate mixture, then sift in the flour and baking powder and gently stir until smooth.
  4. Pour into cake tin and bake for 30-35 minutes, or until firm to touch.
  5. Cool in the tin for at least an hour, then cut and finish cooling on a wire rack.

The recipe book says it makes 16 but I got 28! Although I think it's because of the way I cut them...

Let me know if you give them a try xo

*Recipe from BBC Books 101 Cakes & Bakes: Tried-And-Tested Recipes

Tuesday 19 February 2013

NOTD | Half Moon Nails in Bright Purple

Hi guys :)
I first saw this look a few years ago on Shirley from Meek -n- Mild and always wanted to try it but never got round to buying the reinforcements. However, I was in WHSmith and thought I'd finally give it a try. This is my first time doing it but I love how they came out and will definitely be trying it again with other colours.
If you click the link given above you can see Shirley's tutorial which is the one I used.

Monday 18 February 2013

Kringle Candle Company

Hello everyone!
L-R: Frosted Cake, Soothing Cinnamon, Coconut Pineapple, Baker's Vanilla

I've always been a fan of candles because I love fire. Weird, yeah I know... My interest for scented candles started with my housemate who introduced me to them and the love for them has been enhanced by other bloggers and YouTube personalities.

I heard about Kringle Candle Company from YouTube guru Patricia from BritPopPrincess. They come from the same family as the famous Yankee Candles (but from what I can see are a lot cheaper!) What really drew me to Kringle Candle Company were their range of scents. It's not your standard scents, they have scents of things that you wish to have as a candle. From pancake breakfast to creme brulee, honeydew melon to mango, even warm cotton and tranquil waters!

I decided to start off small before thinking about buying the larger candles so I got the 15 hour votive candle in Soothing Cinnamon, Frosted Cake, Coconut Pineapple and Baker's Vanilla. Individually they smell amazing but all together they are even better.

Delivery was so quick; I ordered them on Sunday and they arrived on Tuesday morning. I will definitely be purchasing from them again, and it's my birthday next month so if I hint enough hopefully I'll get some :P


Wednesday 6 February 2013

The Anti-Boyfriend Tag

Hi guys!

Well, it's February and next week thursday will be Valentine's Day, so I thought it would be an appropriate time to do this tag. I found this tag from fellow blogger Ayaan at Style Sincerity and it's a tag for us singletons! Now I'm not one of those single people who slay Valentine's Day. It may be a 'Hallmark holiday' but I think it is a great way to show the one you love how much you care about them (however, this should not be the only time that you do this!)

What is the one (most important) quality you look for in a partner?
There are lots of little things, but when you put them all together they come under personality. A great personality is a turn on. The ability to make me laugh, to laugh at me and with me; to have interesting, intellectual conversations; have drive and ambition; be caring and compassionate. They all add up...

What quality is a turn off?
 Someone who doesn't look after themselves and you can see it. Not necessarily food-wise, but... have a shower. Brush your hair. Iron your clothes. Take pride in your appearance. And I dislike when people don't clean up after themselves, that really ticks me off.

What physical feature do you notice first on the opposite sex?
Eyes. I really love nice eyes. After that lips/smile. I also have a thing for hands. I don't know what it is but I just love 'em!

Describe your dream date.
Well, I love to eat so it would definitely have to be dinner. I've always wanted to have dinner on the beach with the sun setting in the background. Warm, but with a cool gentle breeze. Just us, talking about anything and everything.

Who would your celebrity boyfriend be?
Now (obviously) I don't know any celebrities personally, so my decision has been made on looks and it would have to be Paul Walker. His face his beautiful. I love his blonde hair and blue eyes. Don't even get me started on his body... He's TALL! And he was the face of one of my favourite male fragrances, Blue Water by Davidoff. Oh and I'm a big fan of the Fast & Furious films, I can't wait for the new one to come out in May!

What is your relationship 'deal breaker'? (Something that you might end a relationship because of)
Lying. I honestly hate lying. Not just with boyfriends but also friends and family. How can you look someone in the eyes, who you supposedly love and care about and tell a boldfaced lie. In my opinion there a very, very few times when a lie is acceptable. I'm talking, 'if I tell you the truth there's a 99% chance you will be killed' kinda times!

What is your relationship 'deal maker'? (Something you would like be done in a relationship)
Taking an interest in things that I am passionate about, but at the same time introducing me to the things he's passionate about.

What hair and eye colour do you prefer?
I wouldn't not go out with someone who didn't have one of these combinations but I love dark hair with light eyes and light hair with dark eyes.

He buys you a gift. What would it be?
Something I said in passing that he heard and took note of. It could be anything. Even if it is something small, it just shows that he listens and cares.

Would you say you have a type? If so, what is your type?
Nope. I do not discriminate lol.

Let me know if you do the tag. Remember it's just a bit of fun! xo
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