Saturday 30 March 2013

OOTD | Black, Blue and Leopard Print too

Leather jacket - H&M // Top - H&M // Jeans - New Look // Shoes - Topshop // Bag - H&M

Just a little outfit I threw together... My go-to leather jacket you've seen many a times. I love that thing! I love the simplicity of this top and how the sheer panel adds a lil something to it. I'm a huge fan of the contrasting colours that are shown when you roll up the jeans. I've always loved jeans like this and I've noticed that they are starting to become a lot more popular. I bought these shoes from Topshop in January and I'm only just breaking into them; luckily they don't hurt too much. They are the leopard print version of the black studded  ones I have; got these for £15 down from £28! Loving my new bag from H&M. I have a thing for bags with detachable straps. It's big enough to hold all my things but small enough to still be cute and stylish xo

Monday 25 March 2013

OOTN | Tribal Print Midi

Hi guys!

As I mentioned in my previous post, I went out with a few friends on saturday for dinner to celebrate my birthday. We went to a lovely Italian restaurant called Strada at St Katharine Docks. Despite the icy cold weather, I decided to don my sleeveless midi dress from ASOS paired with my strappy heels from ZARA. I bought this dress a while ago but loved it so much that I kept it to wear for my birthday :)

The food at Strada was so lovely! The waiters and atmosphere were perfect, when they found out it was my birthday, they made the whole experience so amazing.This was honestly one of (if not the best) birthday I've had. A restaurant I will definitely be revisting! I loved it so much that I'm contemplating going to Italy for a holiday this year...

*Apologies for the terrible lighting!
Spaghetti Ragu
My personal birthday mango sorbet
My cappuccino with a heart <3

Tuesday 19 March 2013

Birthday Wishlist

Hello everyone!

This post is a day late; yesterday was so hectic for me because I turned 20! I am no longer a teenager! It feels so weird. I feel so old lol. This is the only age (so far) where I actually feel like I've aged. At the same time though it's like 20 is an awkward age, you're not a teenager anymore but you're not quite 21. That's how I feel anyway, like I'm in some sort of limbo...

So last week I had a joint birthday with 2 of my friends from university who celebrated their birthdays over the weekend (#PiscesGang). And last night I had a few friends over for a spontaneous 'games night' which was hilarious! Ooh, but the fun doesn't stop there. This saturday I'm going out with another bunch of friends for dinner, which should be lovely.

These are just a few things I've had my eye on for a while. I already know I didn't get them for my birthday but that won't stop me from treating myself... ;)

Topshop MOTO Bleach Acid Kiri Mom Jeans // ZARA Office City Bag // Kringle Candle Coconut Pineapple // CASIO A159WGEA

This is my first attempt at a wishlist... I think I did quite well lol! xo

Wednesday 13 March 2013

Beauty Basics | Shea butter

Hi guys :)

So today's Beauty Basic will be steering away from my usual face regime and will concentrate on my full body regime. It dawned on me a few days ago how many of my beauty products contain shea butter. These are just a few of the products I've recently bought or had for a while and added to my regime. 

My skin gets very dry in the winter and I found that my usual moisturiser doesn't really do the trick. I saw Aveeno Skin Relief Moisturising Lotion on offer in Superdrug and thought I'd give it a try; and I'm happy I did! This product does wonders for my winter dry skin. As soon as I apply it, I can instantly feel my skin becoming softer. And when I use it alongside my body scrub* my skin feels glorious! It contains a Triple Oat Complex consisting of Colloidal Oatmeal, Oat Oil and Oat Essence. It says it's fragrance free, however does have a slight oatmeal sent but I love it. I find that scented moisturisers can be a tad overpowering at times.

The next product I've recently added is the Radox Nourish Shower Cream with Shea Butter and Ginger. I actually picked this up because it had shea butter in it. It smells amazing and makes my skin feel soft, especially when used alongside my body scrub.

I purchased the pure shea butter last year at Afro Hair & Beauty Live (see post here). It's yellow in colour, quite thick and doesn't really have a scent. My legs are the driest part of my body, therefore that's where I use it. I didn't use it for a while, however I'm happy I am now as I can see my legs are smoother. And again, when used with a body scrub is amazing.

Another product I forgot to show here is my NIVEA Essential Care lip balm, which contains Jojoba Oil and Shea Butter. This is probably the most effective thing I have ever used on my lips! Like my skin, my lips get very dry in the winter and this product is amazing. I've been using it for about 2 months now and my lips are softer, smoother and moisturised, all the time!

I really recommend products that contain shea butter if you have dry skin, or even if you don't have dry skin but want it to be softer and smoother. *Also, I'm on the look out for a new body scrub as my current one is almost finished, if you have any suggestions for good body scrubs, please leave a comment below xo

Thursday 7 March 2013



I thought I'd share an outfit I put together that meets the Monochrome trend. I like this trend because I think it's one that everyone can be a part of, especially if you're not a fan of too much colour.

Everything I'm wearing is a new buy, apart from the clutch bag which is my sisters and the coat. I stepped into H&M to take advantage of the 20% discount they had going for students, as that is something they rarely do. I saw this shirt and loved the look of it; the sleeves are a different material to the rest of it. This is just one way I could style it, and I have a few more in mind that I might share. I absolutely adore the look and feel of these jeans and they can be dressed up or down. I think they are a really good dupe of the American Apparel easy jean, and are much more gentle on your bank account! The only problem is that after a while the seams start to show down the side of each leg, but I guess that could add to the monochrome look :P These are the heels I featured in my recent New In post. I love how elegant and feminine they are and I'm a huge fan of the metallic heel.
Coat - H&M // Shirt - H&M // Jeans - Topshop // Heels - Zara // Clutch - Primark // Jewellery - H&M and Kukee

Lip liner - Brooding Plum by MUA // Lipstick - Vamp by Sleek

Monday 4 March 2013

New In: My first Zara purchases

No, the title is not a joke. These are the first things I've ever bought from Zara. As a matter of fact, when I went to buy them that was my first time going into a Zara store *gasp* lol. It's safe to say I will no longer be a stranger to Zara, I even found myself lusting after another pair of shoes and a beautiful black bag from there but had to control myself :P

I saw these heels on another blog and feel in love at first sight. I've been wanting shoes like this for a while and on my quest had seen many similar styles, but this pair stole my heart. When I saw they were from Zara I was bracing myself for an out-of-this-world price but to my surprise they were pretty decent and so I just couldn't let them go. They are definitely not partying heels, these are the type of shoes that you just stand and look pretty in lol.
The perfume Zara Woman Floral wasn't on my to-buy list but I saw it when I was in the queue and thought I'd have a little whiff and it smelt amazing! I think they put them near the queue on purpose as a way to ensnare people to buy them at the last minute... Well I guess it worked lol!

Zara combination high heel sandal £29.99
Zara Woman Floral £9.99
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