Thursday 29 March 2012

Throwback Thursday - 30/06/09-01/07/09

Hey guys! I'm back with another Throwback!

Today's one is the trip to France I took with my sister in the summer of 2009. We only stayed overnight so it wasn't a long trip. Only 2 hours on the Eurostar which was great.
Our bed & breakfast was lovely! It was really close to the train station and we were still able to move about quite easily.
The weather was amazing, it was so hot! We were walking around a lot because we couldn't find the stop for those tour buses, but the sightseeing was incredible.
We went on the metro which was really cool, it reminded me of the circle line on the underground in London. It was quite weird actually because the doors opened before the train stopped... :/

Here are a few snaps I took of some of the iconic places in France that we visited. The day we went, the Louvre was closed so we couldn't go inside but ended up soaking our feet in the water - which was much needed because it was BOILING!

 La Tour Eiffel - The Eiffel Tower

 Notre Dame de Paris - Our Lady of Paris

 Musée du Louvre - The Louvre

Me at the Louvre, don't watch the pose it was a looong time ago!

Has anyone been to Paris as well? Let me know!

Hope you enjoyed the post xo

Monday 26 March 2012

MAC city chick. MAC, MAC city chick... (8)

Hey guys! Hope you're all well.

Ever since I first went to the MAC store I have always been singing my own version of Rack City by Tyga and replacing it with MAC. I find it so hilarious, but then again I laugh at almost anything lol.

Anyways, here are the photos of my MAC makeover that my sister got me for my 19th birthday. Originally she wanted to book it at Stratford Westfield but the day was booked up so we went to Spitalfields Market instead. It was the first time I'd had my makeup professionally done and I was really excited.

My sister got me the express package which cost £15 (they also have one that is £25, I'm not sure what the difference is between the two though) I asked for quite a neutral look with not too much colour, as I'm just starting out with the whole full face of makeup thing. When you book a makeover you're able to use the money you used to book and buy products to that value (or more in my case...) I didn't buy all the things she used, but I did buy a couple. Also, I can't remember everything she used so I'll just post what I remember/find.

 Before I went out to dinner
Jumper - H&M

After I came back at about 1 in the morning. I think the makeup lasted pretty well! My man Obama in the background lol
Earrings & top - Topshop

I love how she did my eyes, the colours she used and the liner

The products she used:
Mineralize charged water - £15
Matchmaster SPF15 foundation in 8.5 - £24.50
Pro longwear concealer in NC50 - £13.50
Powder blush in peaches - £17.50
Viva Glam VI lipstick (Terracotta plum with pearl) - £13.50
Falsh Lashes Extreme black mascara - £18
Fluidline gel eyeliner in black - £14
Sorry, I can't remember the products she used on my eyes but on my lids were a shimery brown and in the crease a matt orange which really complimented the brown! She also used an eyebrow pencil and highlighter under my brow.

The products I bought:
Matchmaster SPF15 foundation in 8.5 (I had this before the makeover)
Pro longwear concealer in NC50
Viva Glam VI lipstick (Terracotta plum with pearl)
Fix + (30ml) - £7

I got a lot of compliments from peole who worked there and people who were in the shop just looking around, that felt really nice :) Initially I thought the eyebrows were too harsh, so when I got home I took a bit of the brow pencil off and I loved it - even more!
Overall, I loved the look and enjoyed the whole experience, thanks sis!

Also, the woman who did my makeover was so lovely! Very nice atmosphere at that MAC store :)

Friday 23 March 2012

OOTD | Casual

Hi guys, hope you're all well.

Firstly I'd like to say that I didn't forget about my Throwback Thursday yesterday, it's just that I came back to London for the weekend and I was really, really tired and I just didn't have the energy to do one. However, I do have one in mind and I will be doing it next week :)

This OOTD post was actually what I wore yesterday, but like I said I was just too tired so I'm doing it today. I guess you could call it my Outfit Of The YesterDay :P

Leather jacket - H&M
Sheer blouse - H&M
Jeans - New Look
Plimsoles - New Look

After a while I started playing around and added my trilby to the look. It's from Topshop and I got it for £12 down from £25. Well, including my student discount I got it for £10.80! :)

And just in case you're wondering I haven't forgotten about my MAC makeover post, that'll be put up very soon... xo

Sunday 18 March 2012

...and Happy Birthday to me!

It's my birthday today! I am now 19 years old :D

Every time my birthday comes round people ask me if I feel any older and I usually say no, but this year I kinda do. It may be because I'm one year away from no longer being a teenager, or it may be the fact that I now have to pay for dental care and prescriptions (I'm really annoyed about that actually lol). Whatever the reason, I do feel different.

Anyway, as mentioned in my throwback post I went out yesterday for dinner with my friends. We went to a Caribbean restaurant in Camden called Mango Room. My sister told me about this place so I thought I'd try it out, and I'm happy I did. The food was delicious! There was a selection of Caribbean food such as jerk chicken (which was what I ordered) curry goat, ackee & saltfish, roti as much rice & peas as we wanted and so much more! The atmosphere was really nice and our waitress was lovely.

Sun Splash - cocktail of the day

Jerk chicken with plantain and rice & peas (I know the portion looks small but this was before I piled up my plate - hahaa, trust me!)

Me and a couple of my friends

My outfit for the evening both from Topshop (excuse the mess in the background)

It's been quite a few years since I've had a birthday cake so I was really happy to see this. It's so cute lol!

Also, for my birthday my sister hooked my up with a makeover from MAC which I will show in another post.

Today has just been a really chilled day that I spent with my family. I think it's really cool that today is also mother's day. I hope it happens again when I'm a mum, double presents!


Happy Mother's Day...

Today is mother's day in the UK and I just want to say a very Happy Mother's Day to all the mums out there.

I love my mum so much and I hope that she has a great day. She deserves it and so much more.  Despite the fact we're all adults she still looks after me and my siblings and I really appreciate it.

Here are the presents that my siblings and I got for her:

Tote Bag, Next - from my sister and I
Baileys - from my brother
The Body Shop strawberry bath set - from my other sister

Thursday 15 March 2012

Throwback Thursday - 18/03/11

Hi all! I know I've been away for a bit but I'm back with another Throwback Thursday *yaaaaay* :D

As it's my birthday on sunday (Mother's Day in the UK), today's Throwback will be my 18th birthday from last year. I turned 18 on the 18th and it was on a friday (I don't know why but I was really excited about that lol) Anyway, I decided to go out for dinner with a few of my friends to an Italian restaurant called Zizzi at St Katherine Dock's. The food was delicious but unfortunately our waiter's attitude stank! Despite that we had a really good evening and had a lot of laughs, as we always do when we get together.
I always go out for dinner when my birthday rools round. I just love the whole atmosphere where you're sitting around with those people who are close to you, eating good food, having fun and making memories.

A bit of advertising courtesy of my friend

Me and my best friend before we set out

The makeshift cake they made for me 'K' for Kech - that's what they call me

Earrings: Dorothy Perkins

Me :) Dress: Dorothy Perkins

18 is a big milestone in the UK as you are officially an adult, and that year was important for me also. I got to vote for the first time; I got my first job and I went to university! :D

We're going out for my birthday on saturday so hopefully I'll have a couple snaps to share with you guys. But until then... xo

Saturday 10 March 2012

TAG | This Or That

Blush or Bronzer? Blush

Lipgloss or Lipstick?  Lipgloss usually but I'm starting to buy lipstick
Eyeliner or Mascara? Ooh this is hard! I always wear both but I guess mascara
Foundation or Concealer? Concealer
Neutral or Coloured Eyeshadow? Neutral
Pressed or Loose Eyeshadow? Pressed
Brushes or Sponges? Brushes

Long or Short? In between, not too short but not too long  
Acrylic or Natural? Natural, I've only had acrylic once
Brights or Darks? Brights

Flower or no Flower? No flower

Perfume or Body Splash? Perfume
Lotion or Body Butter? Lotion - Palmers Cocoa Butter to be precise
Body Wash or Soap? Body Wash

Jeans or Sweat Pants? Jeans!
Long Sleeve or Short? Long in the winter and short in the summer ;)
Dresses or Skirts? Dresses
Stripes or Plaid? Stripes 
Flip Flops or Sandals? Sandals
Scarves or Hats? Scarves
Studs or Dangly Earrings? Studs
Cowboy Boots or Riding Boots? Definitely riding boots
Jacket or Hoodie? Jacket

Curly or Straight? I have straight but I love curly hair
Bun or Ponytail? Bun
Bobby Pins or Butterfly Clips? Bobby Pins

Hair Spray or Gel? Hair Spray
Long or Short? Looong

Light or Dark? Dark
Side-swept Bangs or Full Bangs? Side Swept
Up or Down? Up

Rain or Shine? I only like the rain when I'm inside so, shine :)
Summer or Winter? Summer! I hate the cold

Fall or Spring? Spring
Chocolate or Vanilla? Vanilla

You're supposed to tag 5 other people, but I tag YOU! Yes, you reading this post :) xo

Thursday 8 March 2012

Throwback Thursday - 02/11/11

Throwback Thursday is something that I think was introduced on Instagram (an app on iPhone, iPod and iPad) and it's basically just putting up pictures from the past. Whether it be yesterday, last month, last year or many years ago. I guess it's just reflecting on something that is important to you or one of those that you just won't forget.

Right well today's Throwback Thursday is the Jessie J concert I attended on the 2nd of November at HMV Hammersmith Apollo. It was my first ever concert and for one of my current favourtie artists. I went with my sister, we got there in good time and managed to get good standing spots (Y). The concert was INCREDIBLE! Her supporting acts were Devlin and Cherri V, she also had a guest appearance from Wretch 32. Unfortunately, my pictures of Cherri V were really bad so I'm not gonna upload them. She was really go though! She did a cover of Chris Brown's Beautiful People. Also, two groups from the X factor at the time - Little Mix and The Risk were in the audience and she called them on stage to help her sing Price Tag.


Little Mix and The Risk singing Price Tag

Wretch 32

She performed all the songs from her current album Who You Are and gave us a sneek peak of her current hit Domino (at the time I don't think it was released yet). She also sampled Luther Vandross' single Never Too Much.

A little air guitar while singing Never Too Much

Ooh yeah! One thing I'll never forget about this night was the HUMUNGOUS black spider that was on the man in front of the people in front of me! :O It was so disgusting! I felt traped because there was so many people around me, it was like I couldn't escape lol. Eventually it crawled somewhere on him, and I was on edge for the rest of the evening. Didn't stop me enjoying my night though! And yeah, you guessed it none of us told him. Whoops...

It was an amazing experience, definitely one I won't forget. I hope to attend many more concerts in the future :)

I love this one because it looks like she's looking directly at my camera :D

Full House!

Side note: I'm gonna try and do one of these every thursday (emphasis on the try) or as often as I can.

Friday 2 March 2012

Beauty Basics | My Essentials

Here are some of the products that I use on a daily basis on my face and body. Some are quite new that I've only just started using recently and some I have been using for quite a while and I'll definitely continue to use.

Simple Kind To Skin Refreshing Facial Wash Gel

I bought this product from Superdrug for £2 (however I think it has gone back up to full price at £3.19). I'd seen it on quite a few blogs in the past so I though I'd try it out. I've been using it for about a month now and my skin does feel smoother after I use it. It's 100% soap free with vitamin goodness :) I definitely think this is a product I will continue to buy. I have seen a change in my skin; it's a lot clearer and a lot softer.

Planet Spa Dead Sea Minerals Exfoliating Body Scrub

This body scrub is from Avon, it retails at £5 however, there was a deal going on 2 for £6 (in case you haven't noticed I am a bit of a bargin hunter haha!) I LOVE this product. I've been using it for a very long time and I've gone through a number of bottles. It does an excellent job. My legs get really dry sometimes and when I use this, it exfoliates all the dead skin and leaves my skin really smooth. I use it a lot during the summer as I have a lot more skin on show, and even during winter. I use it all over my body and it's just amazing! :)

Boots Traditional Glycerin and Rosewater

This product is from Boots and costs £2.32. I use this as a toner before I cream my face. I've only just started using this, but after I use I can feel that my skin is a lot soft. I just put it on a cotton ball and apply it in circular motion on my face and neck. Plus, it has a really lovely smell!

Cocoa Butter

I have been using Cocoa Butter all my life and I swear by it! I use Palmer's Cocoa Butter (£3.73 from Superdrug) on my upper body; my face, arms, torso etc. And I use the Hollywood Beauty brand on my lower body as it is a lot thicker and works much better on my legs. I'm not sure of the price but my mum buys it from Afro-Caribbean hair shops. They both smell AMAZING and they work wonders for my skin. As I said, I have been using them for a long time and I know I will continue to use them.

March, be good to me...

As one of my very dear friends would say (in a very, very fresh accent),


This is the best month of the year in my opinion. And no, not just because it's my birthday (18th :P) my dad's birthday (25th) and the birthday of my old crush Bow Wow (9th) - yup, I used to like him. It was a very long time ago, for a very long time! But it's the month where the clocks go forward which signifies the beginning of Spring! Longer days, lighter evenings and warmer weather. These past couple of days it's been quite warm and it's just getting me even more excited for summer.

I feel like it's gonna be a good summer this year. Obviously we have the Olympics - which I will be watching from the comfort of my living room; despite the fact I live a couple of train stops away from the site -_- I also have a lot of things that I'd like to do this summer; a weekend in Amsterdam, a week long beach holiday and a week and a half, maybe two weeks in America. "Well, that's a bit ambitious.." I hear you say? Maybe it is. But that's what I want, and I'm gonna go for it. In the past I often neglected doing things because I thought "That's not gonna work" or "That's not what I usually do." But I've decided to be a LOT more adventurous in my decisions, such as in my fashion choices or events in my everyday life.
No one is promised tomorrow, and I don't want to look back on my life with regret. I wanna look back and smile :)
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