Sunday 26 May 2013

New In: Sleek Makeup

I decided to take advantage of the 3 for 2 deal that Superdrug are currently having across all makeup and bought a few pieces that I've been eyeing up recently. I'm a huge fan of Sleek makeup as they always cater for my skin colour and girls both darker and lighter. The blush is called Coral and is a subtle orange-y colour (on the Sleek website they give swatches of how each shade will look on different skin tones.) Barely There is my favourite; it's a pink nude which I like to tone down with a light brown lip liner. Papya Punch is also a lovely colour but I find it quite hard to use because it's matte, so if anyone has any tips on how to apply matte lipstick, please let me know!
Hope you're all having a lovely bank holiday weekend xo

Friday 17 May 2013


Hi guys!

*sigh* I know, I know, I've been gone for ages but there's nothing else I can say but exams, exams EXAMS! Yup, these past few weeks I've been held captive by my end of year exams but I'm happy to say that on Wednesday I finally finished them; which means I have officially finished my second year of university! *YAAAY* I can't believe my second year is already over... I also can't believe how early I finished, this time last year I hadn't even started my exams and now I've finished! The up-side is that I now have time to catch up on a lot of things I had to set aside during my revision sessions, like blog posts! Hopefully, I'll have a lot more up than I have in this last few weeks.

Aaand, when I signed on today I realized that I've reached 100 followers! :D I know to some that may not be a lot but to me it means the world. Thank you to all my followers, both old and new. Make sure you keep your eyes open for a 100-follower giveaway... ;)

I hope you've all been well, and to anyone who still has exams I wish you all the best xo
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