Saturday 27 July 2013


Blouse - ASOS // Skirt - ASOS // Bag - H&M // Belt - my sister's // Shoes - Primark
I was flipping through this month's Grazia magazine when I came across an article called 'How spring/summer are you?' It listed this season's top trends and told you to work out your current status. One of the items on the list was a lady-length midi skirt; as well as camisoles, two-strap sandals, crop tops etc. After seeing the article it inspired me to put together this outfit which I wore out for drinks with some friends. The skirt is very flowy but the fabric is not as thin as my other midi's which means it can be worn in the colder months. I added the brown belt to bring together the bright orange of the blouse (which you've seen before, here) and the darkness of the skirt. The skirt looks like its swallowing me in some pictures and I'm quite tall, so I can't imagine how it must look on short people lol! I love this outfit because I think it's very elegant and I really enjoyed wearing it xo

Thursday 25 July 2013

A Day at Brighton Beach

Hello lovely people!
Over the weekend a couple of friends and I went away to Brighton beach to spend the night. We had a lovely time; the weather was amazing and we had so much fun! So I thought I'd share with you some of the pictures I took of my day at Brighton Beach :)
Enjoying a bottle of Brothers in the sun
The water made my legs extremely dry, but I love this picture lol
Brighton Rock
I'm a huge Tom Hanks fan, so when I saw the Zoltar game - similar to the one from 'Big', I had to snap a picture of it!
One of my friends and I walking back to the hotel at the end of the day


Friday 12 July 2013

Mustard Midi

Crop top - Topshop // Skirt - Dorothy Perkins // Sandals - New Look // Bag - Primark // Sunglasses - H&M
This is the outfit I wore when I went to Hyde Park with a couple of friends. Us Londoners have been lucky enough to be blessed with some beautiful weather these past few weeks and we have definitely been making the most of it.
As soon as I saw this crop top I fell in love; it has a different style to the 90's crop top that I got from ASOS  and I think it is extremely flattering. I bought the skirt a couple of years ago but this was my first time wearing out (I tend to do that...) I love the colour and the style/length; it's got quite a 50's look to it. It's actually a size too big; I bought it on sale and they only had a size 12 left but I just couldn't leave it. So in order to make it fit around my waist I use a safety pin :) You may remember the bag from my recent fashion new in post when it was a lighter brown... I'm guessing the sun changed the colour, but I like it because it's given it a kinda vintage look
I hope you're all enjoying this lovely weather xo
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