Thursday 15 March 2012

Throwback Thursday - 18/03/11

Hi all! I know I've been away for a bit but I'm back with another Throwback Thursday *yaaaaay* :D

As it's my birthday on sunday (Mother's Day in the UK), today's Throwback will be my 18th birthday from last year. I turned 18 on the 18th and it was on a friday (I don't know why but I was really excited about that lol) Anyway, I decided to go out for dinner with a few of my friends to an Italian restaurant called Zizzi at St Katherine Dock's. The food was delicious but unfortunately our waiter's attitude stank! Despite that we had a really good evening and had a lot of laughs, as we always do when we get together.
I always go out for dinner when my birthday rools round. I just love the whole atmosphere where you're sitting around with those people who are close to you, eating good food, having fun and making memories.

A bit of advertising courtesy of my friend

Me and my best friend before we set out

The makeshift cake they made for me 'K' for Kech - that's what they call me

Earrings: Dorothy Perkins

Me :) Dress: Dorothy Perkins

18 is a big milestone in the UK as you are officially an adult, and that year was important for me also. I got to vote for the first time; I got my first job and I went to university! :D

We're going out for my birthday on saturday so hopefully I'll have a couple snaps to share with you guys. But until then... xo

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  1. you look so lovely! good times x


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