Friday 2 March 2012

March, be good to me...

As one of my very dear friends would say (in a very, very fresh accent),


This is the best month of the year in my opinion. And no, not just because it's my birthday (18th :P) my dad's birthday (25th) and the birthday of my old crush Bow Wow (9th) - yup, I used to like him. It was a very long time ago, for a very long time! But it's the month where the clocks go forward which signifies the beginning of Spring! Longer days, lighter evenings and warmer weather. These past couple of days it's been quite warm and it's just getting me even more excited for summer.

I feel like it's gonna be a good summer this year. Obviously we have the Olympics - which I will be watching from the comfort of my living room; despite the fact I live a couple of train stops away from the site -_- I also have a lot of things that I'd like to do this summer; a weekend in Amsterdam, a week long beach holiday and a week and a half, maybe two weeks in America. "Well, that's a bit ambitious.." I hear you say? Maybe it is. But that's what I want, and I'm gonna go for it. In the past I often neglected doing things because I thought "That's not gonna work" or "That's not what I usually do." But I've decided to be a LOT more adventurous in my decisions, such as in my fashion choices or events in my everyday life.
No one is promised tomorrow, and I don't want to look back on my life with regret. I wanna look back and smile :)

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