Thursday 8 March 2012

Throwback Thursday - 02/11/11

Throwback Thursday is something that I think was introduced on Instagram (an app on iPhone, iPod and iPad) and it's basically just putting up pictures from the past. Whether it be yesterday, last month, last year or many years ago. I guess it's just reflecting on something that is important to you or one of those that you just won't forget.

Right well today's Throwback Thursday is the Jessie J concert I attended on the 2nd of November at HMV Hammersmith Apollo. It was my first ever concert and for one of my current favourtie artists. I went with my sister, we got there in good time and managed to get good standing spots (Y). The concert was INCREDIBLE! Her supporting acts were Devlin and Cherri V, she also had a guest appearance from Wretch 32. Unfortunately, my pictures of Cherri V were really bad so I'm not gonna upload them. She was really go though! She did a cover of Chris Brown's Beautiful People. Also, two groups from the X factor at the time - Little Mix and The Risk were in the audience and she called them on stage to help her sing Price Tag.


Little Mix and The Risk singing Price Tag

Wretch 32

She performed all the songs from her current album Who You Are and gave us a sneek peak of her current hit Domino (at the time I don't think it was released yet). She also sampled Luther Vandross' single Never Too Much.

A little air guitar while singing Never Too Much

Ooh yeah! One thing I'll never forget about this night was the HUMUNGOUS black spider that was on the man in front of the people in front of me! :O It was so disgusting! I felt traped because there was so many people around me, it was like I couldn't escape lol. Eventually it crawled somewhere on him, and I was on edge for the rest of the evening. Didn't stop me enjoying my night though! And yeah, you guessed it none of us told him. Whoops...

It was an amazing experience, definitely one I won't forget. I hope to attend many more concerts in the future :)

I love this one because it looks like she's looking directly at my camera :D

Full House!

Side note: I'm gonna try and do one of these every thursday (emphasis on the try) or as often as I can.


  1. aww looks like it was a great night hun, I love Jessie J, I'm now following you, please check my blog out and follow back if you'd like :) x

    1. Yeah, it was an amazing night! Thanks for the comment, I followed back x

  2. Wow you got to see Jessie J, i know you had a wonderful time!!! And she looks fab in that body suit. Also welcome to the blog world. Some advice: Don't be afraid to reach out and follow ppl first...

    -Kami from

    1. Yes I did, she was incredible! Thanks for the comment & advice :) That is definitely something I need to work on lol xx

  3. love jessie j, wish she came to berlin though...

    Anna B.


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