Monday 4 March 2013

New In: My first Zara purchases

No, the title is not a joke. These are the first things I've ever bought from Zara. As a matter of fact, when I went to buy them that was my first time going into a Zara store *gasp* lol. It's safe to say I will no longer be a stranger to Zara, I even found myself lusting after another pair of shoes and a beautiful black bag from there but had to control myself :P

I saw these heels on another blog and feel in love at first sight. I've been wanting shoes like this for a while and on my quest had seen many similar styles, but this pair stole my heart. When I saw they were from Zara I was bracing myself for an out-of-this-world price but to my surprise they were pretty decent and so I just couldn't let them go. They are definitely not partying heels, these are the type of shoes that you just stand and look pretty in lol.
The perfume Zara Woman Floral wasn't on my to-buy list but I saw it when I was in the queue and thought I'd have a little whiff and it smelt amazing! I think they put them near the queue on purpose as a way to ensnare people to buy them at the last minute... Well I guess it worked lol!

Zara combination high heel sandal £29.99
Zara Woman Floral £9.99


  1. Really love the shoes <3


  2. Yay for your first Zara experience! I love addict! hah.
    Love your new items!

  3. I love your shoes! they are gorgeous <3
    UK High Street Fashion

  4. oh wowww those heels are so beautiful <33 love the metallic heel so much!
    zara is one of my favorite stores, but i think that their clothes are quite pricy sometimes. i also own a zara perfume, but gosh the top is so hard to take off!
    lots of love xx

  5. I didn´t buy a lot of Zara stuff either so far as some things tend to be a bit too expensive or not my size xD However the heels you got are amazing, really nice choice :D

  6. Congrats haha! You bought nice things :) I love the shoes! The heel is so unique!


  7. those zara shoes are definitely a must have!! they are gawjus

  8. Ahhhh! I have those shoes!!! Just bought them! They remind me of the Guiseppe Zanotti ones!
    By faaar my BEST zara buy

  9. Which Zara store did you go to - Oxford Circus? Right next door there's a 5 story H&M - gotta love that ;-) These shoes are amazing. I love all the zebra print items they have in there at the moment!

    ♥ Paula Shoe Fiend.

  10. I promise Zara has some of THE BEST shoes. Loving your purchases! Oh and loving how you rocked the monochrome trend in the post above!



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