Tuesday 26 February 2013

Random International: Rain Room Exhibition

'An awful lot happens without people being aware. They come to certain conclusions and even perform actions without ever really, consciously considering why. This is what forms both the impetus and the investigation of the studio's work. We experiment with this world of barely perceptible behaviour and its simulation to explore human existence.'
-Random International 2012

On Sunday, my sister and I went to the (free) Rain Room exhibition at Barbican Centre in London. It was truly an amazing experience. Rain falls from everywhere in the room except the spot you are standing at.  It's very different from just being outside with an umbrella when it's raining, because it makes you feel like you're able to control the rain. You don't need an umbrella or hood or newspaper to stop getting wet, you just need to be there.
For people who arrived early they were treated to a performance by dancers and models in the room. Unfortunately, I didn't get to see them, but they had really soothing music playing in the background which gave a really calming atmosphere.

These are the last days of the exhibition (it ends on Sunday 3rd March) so if you're in London I strongly suggest you get your butt down there! However, I will warn you that the waiting time is LONG! I'm talking 6 hours and more, especially because it's almost finished. If you do go, I recommend that you get there at least 2 hours before opening.

'In Rain Room, Random International invites you to experience what it's like to control the rain and put your trust in the work to the test.'

Open daily 11am - 8pm; Thursday until 10pm

^ That's me :)


  1. Oh wow this is awesome <3 x


  2. Super dope! Looks so fun!
    Instagram: Cmichellestyles

  3. First, London is one of my favorite cities. Second, that exhibit looks incredible. I'd love to shoot in there.

    The Queen of Hearts

  4. This looks amazing - I've heard about it but not had chance to get to London for a while so I've missed out :(

  5. Oh wow, this is amazing! The concept of the art is amazing too
    And the pictures, wow the pictures.. Phenomenal!!


  6. OH CRAP! I can't believe I missed this - I was going to go last time we were in London and FORGOT! HOW LAME. The waiting time did sort of put me off though... ;-)

    ♥ Paula Shoe Fiend.


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