Monday 18 February 2013

Kringle Candle Company

Hello everyone!
L-R: Frosted Cake, Soothing Cinnamon, Coconut Pineapple, Baker's Vanilla

I've always been a fan of candles because I love fire. Weird, yeah I know... My interest for scented candles started with my housemate who introduced me to them and the love for them has been enhanced by other bloggers and YouTube personalities.

I heard about Kringle Candle Company from YouTube guru Patricia from BritPopPrincess. They come from the same family as the famous Yankee Candles (but from what I can see are a lot cheaper!) What really drew me to Kringle Candle Company were their range of scents. It's not your standard scents, they have scents of things that you wish to have as a candle. From pancake breakfast to creme brulee, honeydew melon to mango, even warm cotton and tranquil waters!

I decided to start off small before thinking about buying the larger candles so I got the 15 hour votive candle in Soothing Cinnamon, Frosted Cake, Coconut Pineapple and Baker's Vanilla. Individually they smell amazing but all together they are even better.

Delivery was so quick; I ordered them on Sunday and they arrived on Tuesday morning. I will definitely be purchasing from them again, and it's my birthday next month so if I hint enough hopefully I'll get some :P



  1. i would love to try to the soothing cinnamon......

  2. Ooo, looks great and I would like to try it. Have a nice monday.


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