Sunday 27 January 2013

New In: Jewellery by Kukee

Hi guuuys!

Here are some new pieces I recently bought from Kukee. I'm a very big fan of Kukee, as I mentioned in my previous jewellery haul. They sell lovely jewellery at amazing prices. They were having a sale over Christmas so I thought I'd see what they had and I managed to buy some pieces that I'd had my eye on for a while at a discounted price! I even got another above the knuckle ring for free - which is great because I lost one of mine :(

 Hamsa Palm necklace - £2.50
I wanted to do some research on the Hamsa Palm before I bought it, because I had see it around but didn't know what it meant. I found that it's used as protection against the evil eye - a look that is believed to cause injury or bad luck for the person it is directed at.
 Skull ring in Silver - £1
Spike earrings - £1



  1. so when are you giving me the ring?

  2. Cool earrings!

  3. thank you so much for stopping by <33
    i love the pieces you got especially the hamsa palm necklace. and i think it's very clever that you did some research first before you bought it. i mean... who knows what it means? just because it's trend.

    lots of love xx

  4. Ooh that ring is so cool! want!


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