Saturday 26 October 2013

L!VE: AlunaGeorge

On Thursday (24th) my sister and I ventured to O2 Sheperds Bush Empire to see AlunaGeorge live in concert. For those of you who aren't familiar with them, AlunaGeroge are an electronic music duo from London. Aluna sings and writes the songs while George focuses on the production and instrumentation. Their songs include Your Drums Your Love, You Know You Like It, Attracting Flies and they feature on a track by Disclosure called White Noise.
I loved that the venue was small which meant that the concert felt a lot more intimate (one of the opening acts actually junped into the crowd!) It was a nice night, despite some rude individuals who had no manners and a couple in front of us kissing and dry humping the whole night :/

I didn't manage to take many pictures and some of the ones I did take came out bad; my camera just didn't want to cooperate.
I have no idea what happened here but I like it!

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  1. the lighting was our enemy when taking the pics; but they work really well in the pics you uploaded x


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