Saturday 13 September 2014

Street Feast London - Dalston Yard

Slow roast pork belly from Yum Bun
Bacon cheeseburger from Bleecker Burger
Hey guys!
So yesterday me, my sister and a few of my friends went to Street Feast which is a night food market. It happens every summer and this year they took place in Dalston Yard and Lewisham (Model Market). There were over 16 traders selling different types of food, such as lobster, ribs, burgers, pizza and much more! If there is one thing you should know about me it's my love for food, so when I heard about this I knew I had to go - my bacon cheeseburger was delish! 
I had a really great time, the atmosphere was buzzing and the food was amazing! It was a completely new way for me to eat, drink and simply hang out with my friends. It finishes in about two weeks so if you're in London I strongly suggest you try to get yourself to one of these venues and if you can't, there's always next summer xo


  1. we had a great time; loved the yum buns!

  2. awesome pictures! making me hungry though :)


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