Friday 20 April 2012

HAUL | H&M, Topshop, ASOS, New Look & Beauty Base

Hey guys!

Here are some things that I've bought recently that I want to share with you :) I have to admit that I tend to buy a lot of things then I won't really wear them. But I've told myself that as soon as the weather gets better - because it's raining cats and dogs with a side of thunder and lightening in the UK right now and as soon as I have somewhere to go, I'm gonna put the pieces together and make some outfits!

 Blouse - was £19.99 I got it on sale for £9.99

Blouse - £14.99
I've been looking for a sheer blouse for quite a while, so I was happy when I saw this one at H&M. At the time they were having 10% off your whole order online so I actually got it for £13.49 :) But I'm still on the look-out for a black one.

 Clutch - £7.99

Bag - was £29.99 I got it on sale for $14.99
I have this bag in green as well and when I bought it they only had green and brown. But they've recently brought it out again in black and white, it was on sale and I was looking for a black bag so I thought, why not?! :)


Jumper - was £32 but I got it for £10
I can't believe this used to be £32, what a bump! It's a cropped jumper and really, REALLY bright.

Leigh Super Soft Ankle Grazer - let's just say they were kinda pricey :)
I love these jeans! They were in my shopping basket (online) for a while then one day I was like what the heck! Lol. They fit amazingly kinda like leggings and I love the colour.

Butterfly slippers - £16
I love this style of shoe. I have my spiked ones from Topshop which I showed in my other post here.

Spiked bracelet - was £8 I got it for £6 

Jewellery plate - I can't remebmer the original price but I got it on sale for £3

New Look
I bought the two rings at the front recently, both for £2.99
The pink one was also £2.99, the middle one £3.99 and the one on the left is from Republic at £4.49

Beauty Base
All 99p each (bargain!) L-R Pretty in Pink, Magnetic Force and Moody Red

Hope you enjoyed this haul!


  1. Love the purchases! I have that bag its soo nice x

    1. Thank you! Yeah and it's so big which is great :)

  2. love the items; want the bag!

    1. Cheers! I think they might still have it...

  3. Love the Topshop jumper!

  4. I like the color of the jumper and those flats are adorable!! :)

  5. Cute finds!!! love the tops.


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