Thursday 18 October 2012

5 Day Challenge - Two

FIVE randon facts about yourself
FOUR of your favourite songs
THREE of your favourite films
describe TWO of your favourite memories
ONE wish/thing you would change about your life

I must admit I have been slacking with this but I do want to finish it so here's number 2 :)

My most favourite memory of my life so far has to be going to Radio 1's Hackney Weekend and seeing so many amazing artists live, especially Rihanna. Prior to this I had only seen Jessie J live then I went and saw more than 10 artists in one day. When I was there it felt like such a surreal experience and when I think back, look over my pictures or watch the performances I still can't believe that I was there!
One thing I loved about this was how everyone came together; there were so many people there. I saw some familiar faces and a lot I didn't know. I've lived in Hackney my whole life and I just loved being a part of this.

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And my second most favourite memory is going to Paris with my sister in 2009. We only stayed for the night but I wish we could have stayed for longer because it was so lovely and the weather was gorgeous! I have only been to Nigeria, Spain and France but I already know that I love travelling and would love to do a lot more. I love the idea of exploring a new environment and meeting new people, even if we don't speak the same language :P

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