Monday 30 July 2012

Maybe it's Maybelline!

Hello all!
Mascara is a must have item in my makeup bag. I love how it makes my eyes pop, such a small amount makes a big difference. I've gone through many over the years and currently my favourite is Maybelline. So, I'm going to share with you the two that I've fallen in love with and one that I've just started using.

Colossal Volum' Express
This was the first Maybelline mascara I bought and by far my favourite out of the three. I love that it's waterproof that's a must in whatever mascara I buy, you never know what you might come across during the day. I also love the size and shape of the brush, I found it very easy to use against my eyelashes. I've purchased this mascara twice and I will most definitely buy it again. I have semi-long lashes anyway and this mascara accentuates them as well as making them look fuller. After a while it does get a bit clumpy but it's usually around the time you're supposed to change it anway so it's understandable.

Colossal Volum' Express Cat Eyes
My second Maybelline mascara and another favourite. For me, it does what it says on the tin, it gives my eyelashes a cat-like look, while making my lashes look longer. The shape of the wand helps enormously with this and again is very easy to use. Unfortunately, it isn't waterproof but while using it I didn't have any problems with it running. And a plus to that it was very easy to remove.

The Falsies Volum' Express
This is the mascara I'm currently using and I haven't used it that long so this is a two week review. Firstly, it's waterproof which is great. However, I'm not a fan of the shape of the wand, it is similar to that of the cat eyes mascara but it's a lot thicker (that's not shown well in the photo, apologies). Again, I have just started using it but I find it very awkward to use. Maybe with time I'll be able to perfect it and I'll try to update this.
What is your favourite mascara and is there any you think I should try? Let me know! xo

*All opinions given are my own.


  1. Oh!! I haven't tried the Colossal Volum' Express Cat Eyes yet! I know what my next buy is going to be ;)


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