Monday 27 August 2012

OOTD | Bridesmaid

Hello all!

On saturday I was a bridesmaid (for the first time ever!) for my aunts wedding. It was a really beautiful day. The weather managed to hold off long enough for us to take some pictures outside, but it didn't stop us enjoying ourselves!

I bought the dress from a shop in Finsbury Park (Fonthill Road - UK) called Jora. It was a long quest to find a dress we all agreed on, but we were so happy when we found this one.
The shoes I got on sale from Dorothy Perkins, £35 down to £20 (but I got them for £17 because of my student discount. Happy days! ^_^) I didn't want anything too high, as I knew I'd be in them for a long time. They did hurt a bit during the reception (well, what new shoe doesn't?) but luckily I brought flats to change into.

Us bridesmaids and my little cousin

Dress: Jora
Shoes: Dorothy Perkins


  1. Fabulous pictures. Those dresses are gorgeous and classic.

    I'd love for you to stop by my blog to check out my interview with the fabulous ladies behind the Pretty Little Liars style. :)

  2. Fantastic blog, you are elegant and beautiful!!

  3. Lovely look & gorgeous photos!

  4. The shoes look really comfortable :)


  5. Lovely! Love your blog, keep it up. Following you :)


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