Friday 3 August 2012

New In: Blue Suede Shoes


I bought these heels about 2 weeks ago and I've been in two minds about them ever since. Obviously, I liked them once which was why I bought them, but after a while I felt they made my feet look funny. So, I decided I was going to return them. But on the day I was going to return them I thought I'd try them on one last time and guess what? They looked amazing! I don't know if it was because they knew I wanted to return them or something but they stepped their game up and I love them again hahaa.

By the way, some of you who follow my sister may remember her posting them, but I'd just like to say I saw them first, I bought them first and she copied me! :)



  1. I love them !

    Xoxo | Chloé

  2. Gorgeous color!!! Love them!


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