Wednesday 5 September 2012

Beauty Basics | Updated skin routine

Hello :)

This post, as the title says, is my updated skin routine and it's also a 2 month review of the St. Ives Naturally Clear facial scrub that I showed in my previous Beauty Basics post, here. I use the scrub every other day, because I think using it everyday would be too harsh on my face. On the days I don't use it I use my Simple facial wash, which is more gentle on my face and acts as a good balance.
I apply them in circular motions on my face and neck, obviously avoiding my eyes. The scrub smells amazing and I believe does a really good job. I've noticed that my face is clearer and a lot smoother :)

St. Ives Naturally Clear

Simple Kind to Skin Refreshing Facial Wash Gel

Palmer's Cocoa Butter with SPF 15

Also, this summer I've started using Palmer's Cocoa Butter with SPF 15. It's a lot easier than apply a moisturiser and then putting sun block on top (and it smells nice!) I think that we should always protect our skin during and after summer, because even though the sun is not shining as much it's still there. With this cream you have to make sure you blend it in properly, as with most sun blocks, or it looks like you have a kind of tinge to your skin.

Simple Kind to Skin Cleansing Facial Wipes

I've included the Simple Kind to Skin Cleasnsing Facial Wipes. It's not something I use everyday, mainly just when I need to remove makeup. They do a really good job and leave my skin feeling really soft afterwards. It's also good at removing waterproof mascara, which is always a plus!



  1. great! i'd love to try the st ives scrub! :D

  2. nice, never used those but looks good

  3. pretty much a replica of my facial routine


  4. Very useful post, i'd like to here your thoughts on a new makeup place I found.
    Its on my blog, if you end up going to the BeautyMart what would you buy lol x

  5. i love the simple face wipes! They didnt irritate my skin like most face wipes do which is brilliant! Great post
    now following you xx


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