Monday 17 September 2012

New In: Primark, Asos & New Look

I went out during the week to buy some back-to-uni items, and bought a couple things that caught my eye (the jumper I actually bought a couple weeks ago but I wanted to share it).
 Green stitch detail jumper - ASOS / Guns 'n' Roses vest - Primark
The jumper is really light so a vest or bandeau would definitely need to be worn underneath it. I like it because it's light enough to be worn when the weather is warm and can be layered for when it's cooler. I love tops that have the Guns 'n' Roses logo on it because I think it makes for a really nice casual look. I already have a Guns 'n' Roses top, which can be seen in my festival ootd.
Brown side bag - Primark / White Plimsoles - New Look
I love brown bags! I have quite a few which I showed in a previous post. I love how they go with so many outfits and can really bring an outfit together. Primark also has this bag in burgundy, black and green. They all look so nice and for £4 I think I might be tempted to buy another ;) These plimsolses were a must as my current pair have taken a turn for the worst! I wear them when I don't want to wear my Converses or Vans but don't want to wear shoes.
These pieces will definitely be added to my uni/everyday wardrobe and will be making appearances here on future ootd's xo


  1. Oh that bag is pure perfection! I want one! xx

  2. really good finds! definitely good for 'back to uni'
    thanks for sharing! :)

    jayj x.

  3. cool t-shirt :)

  4. I wish we had Primark over here in Canada!! Good finds!

  5. Wow, I can't believe that vest is from Primark! I'm going looking for it today. Super cute!

    The Style Rawr!

  6. Love the Guns 'n Roses vest and the bag! And thanks for your comment, Maybe we can follow each other?

    x Shanice

  7. Love the bag!


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