Thursday 26 September 2013

A Piece of Me in... Lisbon, Portugal #1

Hey guys!

It's been a while, right?! Well, the reason being is that last week I went to Portugal for 5 days. I have a friend who is out there studying/working and I decided to go and visit her for a little getaway before I head back to uni. This was actually my first real holiday; without my family, without my school that I paid for by myself. And it was my first time flying on a plane by myself!

The next few posts are basically going to be a photo diary of my time in Lisbon. I had the best time out there and I would really love to share this first time experience with you. A lot of the pictures taken were of buildings because I thought they were absolutely beautiful. I would love to go back! Just a heads up these posts are going to be heavily picture based... :) This first one consists of pictures I took on our way to and on Rua Augusta; a pedestrian street with beautiful mosaic pavements and loads of shops & restaurants.
Castle of São Jorge
Quick snap in H&M... with a Zara bag :/ Sunglasses - H&M | Sun top - Topshop | Shorts - New Look | Converses - Office
Street dancers on Rua Augusta
I didn't take many photos on my first full day as my friend had work in the morning/afternoon, but stay tuned for more... xo

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