Monday 30 September 2013

A Piece of Me In... Lisbon, Portugal #4

We have come to the fourth and final photo diary of my time in Lisbon :( Going through the pictures and making these posts have made me miss Portugal so much... I really do hope that I get another chance to go there. After, the previous post you will be happy to know that there will not be as many pictures in this one lol. We went out late on the Saturday night and didn't get in until around 10am (yes, 10 in the morning!) on Sunday so we just spent the whole day sleeping :P For my last night we went out for dinner at an Italian restaurant called Da Vinci then drinks in Bairro Alto. What I loved about Bairro Alto is that everyone was so friendly (sometimes a bit too friendly...) I got to meet a  lot of different people, from different countries some who were also on holiday and others who were residents.
Just before we headed out... My friend has her own blog where she will be documenting her time in Lisbon, so if you're interested here is the link; show her some love!
Leather jacket - H&M // Cami - Topshop // Shorts - Primark // Side bag - ASOS // Shoes - Primark
Messing around, I was meant to be pointing at the church :/
The lovely waiters at the resturant decided to jump in for a photo op :P
My friend's spaghetti bolognese and my lasagne (I loooooove lasagne!)
I hope you've enjoyed these photo diaries, and hopefully I will be able to share more travelling experiences with you in the future xo


  1. thats so cute ! your friend has nice eyes lol

  2. absolutely love your travel posts <33
    the first pic is amazing, you too look super beautiful!
    lots of love xx

  3. lovely pics,love the shorts.pretty :)

  4. I love the first pic (all your pics are great btw!) x


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